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Render Cleaning Warrington: Revitalize Your Building's Exterior

Discover the best in Render Cleaning in Warrington with our expert services.

Weather conditions, pollution, and natural elements can cause significant damage to your property’s rendered surfaces over time.

Whether it’s moss, algae, or pollution, our skilled team is ready to rejuvenate your building’s exterior, delivering satisfaction to thousands of clients across Warrington and the surrounding areas.

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Benefits of Cleaning Your Rendered Property

Preserve the Beauty

While newly rendered buildings are visually appealing, contaminants, moss, and algae can dull the exterior, leaving it stained and tired-looking over time. Our outdoor cleansing process utilizes cutting-edge tools and methods to gently remove dirt and build-up, revitalizing your property without causing harm.

Expert Job

With a strong reputation for effectively eliminating moss and algae from various surfaces, including commercial, industrial, educational, and domestic buildings, our render cleaning services stand as a testament to our expertise.

Choose a reputable company that can bring your property and investment back to life! Choose Lancashire SoftWash for amazing results. 

Softwashing Rendered Surfaces in Warrington

Steam Cleaning for Lasting Results

After proper preparation, we use 150° steam applied at low pressure to gently remove algae, dirt and pollutants. 

Premium, HSE approved biocides for Optimal Cleaning

Our render cleaning in Stockport employs the best, most effective and HSE approved biocides. Starting with the treatment of external walls, we utilize expert softwashing devices to gently remove discolourations, marks, and algae, leaving your property looking as good as new.

Expert Process

Removal of algae and moss from discoloured renders requires expertise. Many property owners trust local builders, but without the right training this can be a costly mistake. Different render types need proper treatment before cleaning begins, ensuring the extermination of spores to prevent regrowth.

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Soft Washing for Render and Cladding Cleaning

Invest in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your property with our Render Cleaning services in Warrington. Contact us today for a revitalized exterior that stands the test of time.

Warrington Softwashing FAQs

Softwashing is a gentle and effective exterior cleaning method that uses low-pressure water combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, algae, and other contaminants from surfaces. Unlike pressure washing, which uses high-pressure water to blast away debris, softwashing is a safer and more suitable option for delicate surfaces like roofs, cladding, render and painted exteriors. Softwashing ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to the surfaces being treated.

The most heavily stained sides of your property are likely to be the north and east sides. This isbecause they will not be exposed to quite as much natural sunshine as other sides. Green staining can be particularly prevalent on areas near water, as increased humidity can lead to more infections. The problem can be exacerbated as spores arrive from nearby large foliage like trees.

To give an accurate time estimate we would need to assess the property. On average our softwashing service is completed in one to two working days, although a follow-up visit may be required on some occasions. Check out our exterior softwashing process here.

Unfortunately not. The problem is that, while this approach to cleaning render will wear down its surface, it won’t completely eradicate spores. As a result, those left will simply re-grow even thicker – and more quickly – than before. Soft washing, however, will get rid of even micro-organic spores leaving your walls pristine. 

Absolutely! We have fully qualified rendering specialists within the business who repair and patch damaged render. All the major rendering suppliers ensure our work and come with the supplier’s guarantee. We can even provide a full rendering service on request with competitive pricing.

Softwashing kills all algaes, bacterias and moss. This gives your surfaces a fresh start and protects it from rapid regrowth. We would be confident to say that it will stay clean for another two years. Some areas will grow back quicker though due to shade or overhanging tree branches. We recommend that softwashing be carried out every 3 years to keep your property looking its best.

Softwashing not only cleans your walls but kills any organic growth at the root, leaving you with longer-lasting pristine walls. Softwashing can effectively remove a whole range of contaminants including: stains, algae, mould, spores, carbon deposits, UV-damaged surfaces, moss, and lichens.

Yes, softwashing is an environmentally friendly cleaning method. The cleaning solutions used in softwashing are typically biodegradable and designed to be gentle on the environment. The low-pressure water application also minimizes the risk of water and chemical run-off, making softwashing a sustainable choice for exterior cleaning. It effectively removes contaminants without compromising the surrounding ecosystem.

A4: Yes, softwashing is designed to be safe for plants and landscaping. The cleaning solutions used are typically formulated to minimize harm to vegetation. Additionally, the low-pressure application ensures that the cleaning process is gentle on surrounding plants and does not cause damage. Softwashing not only effectively cleans surfaces but also prioritizes the protection of your landscaping, making it a suitable choice for exterior cleaning around gardens, lawns, and other greenery.


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We have invested in state of the art SoftWash equipment that can apply low pressure steam heated to 150° and HSE approved biocides bringing your property and investment back to life! Choose Lancashire SoftWash for amazing results. 


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