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About Lancashire SoftWash

In a sea of companies offering render cleaning, softwashing, sealing and repair services, it’s crucial to choose one with profound knowledge of the render manufacturing market and the science behind modern render products.

With over two decades of experience in the exterior render, coating, and cladding industry, we stand out as experts in render restoration.

About Us
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Why Choose Lancashire SoftWash?

  1. Specialized Knowledge: With a keen understanding of render products, we navigate the intricacies of restoration with precision. Our expertise extends to working closely with major render manufacturers, including K-Rend.
  2. Industry Recognition: We’re a trusted partner of major manufacturers, often receiving direct referrals from them to address issues in new and nearly new developments.
  3. Professional Approach: Every project, big or small, is executed with timeliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in kind. Our commitment to cleanliness means we leave no debris behind, using protective measures like tarpaulins for render mixing.
  4. Fully Insured and Vetted: Your peace of mind is our priority. We are fully insured and we stay up to date with the latest training to uphold professional standards.

Combatting Render Woes

The main issue we come accross with render and cladding is the accumulation of biofilm and environmental contaminants, resulting, after a number of years, in ugly staining.

Our specialized softwash technique combines 150° low pressure steam cleaning followed by the use of HSE approved biocides to remove any organic growth.

This process eliminates algae build-up. A resealing coating ensures the rendered surface breathes while preventing water ingress.

Proven Success Stories

With a vast portfolio of satisfied customers across Lancashire and the Northwest, our render repair, cleaning, and resealing services can rejuvenate your walls. Whether restoring the vibrance of colored render or the crisp look of white render, we’re here to deliver excellence.

Confidence in Results

We believe in our ability to breathe new life into stained or cracked render, offering a free, no-obligation visit and quote service.

As a testament to our confidence, we’re ready to showcase our results through a patch test, illustrating the remarkable transformations we can achieve. Your rendered surfaces deserve nothing less than the best – choose us for unrivaled render repair and cleaning expertise.


We have invested in state of the art SoftWash equipment that can apply low pressure steam heated to 150° and HSE approved biocides bringing your property and investment back to life! Choose Lancashire SoftWash for amazing results. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Read our consistently top-rated reviews. The quality of our work and the customer satisfaction we enjoy has made us the most trusted render cleaning company in Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire. Your property deserves the best!


We have recieved specialised training and have aquired vast experience. When it comes to render cleaning, repair, and restoration, trust Lancashire SoftWash to provide unparalleled results!

Successful Projects & Satisfied Customers​


Our Service Area

We provide expert render cleaning, render repair, softwashing and K-Rend cleaning for both commercial and residential properties all over Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Here are some of the areas where we offer our render cleaning and render repair services: